At Vertec Adventure we are all about designing programs with change and purpose in mind. So if you have outcomes you would like to see in your group, we customise and select activities to suit your objectives, budget and location. The Vertec Program manager  will give you reccomendations and a program can be negotiated to suit what you would like for your group. Finding a careful balance of fun and learning comes from experience and the ability to offer a wide range of outdoor activities. From ½ day sessions to several week long programs, we can make it work for you.

Expeditions & Adventures

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a journey under your own steam. Bushwalking, paddling, mountain bike riding and climbing all bring a sense of achievement when the adventure is completed; Think about it... Topping out on a hard, long climb, reaching the summit of a mountain after walking all day, and landing on an island out to sea after paddling 10 km. The feeling is incredible and the advantages are often underestimated and not realised till some time after the activity.


The relationships formed amongst group members enable open communication and effective de-briefing and processing. Sub-conciously, people attach things they have learned with peak experiences and these pleasurable experiences positively re-inforce the lessons and realisations to create lasting change. We have witnessed great lasting results from groups such as corporate groups, youth groups, at-risk groups, family units and many other groups attending our expeditions.


Expeditions and adventures can be ½ day to week long depending on your calendar and budget. Kayak, sea kayak  and bushwalking trips tend to be the longer expeditions but we can merge climbing and mountain bike activities to these in order to utilise more disciplines.


Camps are always more effective than single day activities. This can be evidenced in a year 9 boy after a well planned school camp.  The change can be more than that of many weeks or months in the classroom. To go away camping, is to be removed from your comfort zone.  This causes a different set of behaviours, attitudes and actions.  


Vertec Adventure has many well kept commercial grade canvas tents and we can accomodate up to 50 people in many campsite locations throughout SE Queensland. Depending on what activities you would like to incorporate into your camp, we can suggest the ideal location for your group. We also work with many outdoor recreation campsites and centres so if your group prefers the dormitory style accomodation we also can help you.